A Safe Place

By Janice Huse

A reproduction, borrowed from a private owner for the powerful movement it represents.

Jazz Silloatte 2


A reproduction, borrowed from a private owner representing just one of the many cultural contributions POC have made in our lives.

Rock (Diptic)

By T.W. Soderquist

An homage to one of many turning points in our history, and the music that spoke for the generation.

Pouring Pride

By R.J. Wehr

Representing the beautiful passion and diversity of the LGBT+ community.

Distorted Pride

By R.J. Wehr

While similar to "Pouring Pride", this piece is darker to represent the struggles and pain present in the evolution of LGBT+ rights.

Actualized Potential

By Thomas Contino

Potentiation is a word which refers to the increase in strength of nerve impulses, in the brain or throughout the body, along pathways which have been used previously. As the potentiation occurs, habits are created as tree like paths come alive. These paths are not static, they describe a dynamic flow of information. When this potentiation is actualized, we learn new things, but we also develop new habits. Every time this happens, we have a chance to choose, but those choices themselves become habits, ingrained in the forest of our mental trees. These habits can be used for good if we act with adequate awareness. One must choose as wisely as they can.

Stories By The Campfire

By Thomas Contino

Outside the city limits, there is a tree. A strange spiraling staircase leads up to a tree house. Underneath sit a group of people, telling stories about the past and sharing hopes for the future. Who is listening?

Time Painting 5/20

By Thomas Contino

This painting is part of my a series that follows a meditation method I have devised after experimenting with using painting as a way to contemplate awareness of time. The method is simple. Find the center of a blank canvas and draw a circle around that center point. Reflect on the moment. Then, each day for a month, paint abstract patterns and shapes around the circle, but never covering over it. Each day reflect on your feelings as you do this. As the days go by, each previous layer around the circle becomes increasingly more covered by the days which come after. When the month is completed, the painting serves as a way of connecting each moment from each day of painting.

View From The Jam Night Breakroom

By Thomas Contino

There was a phase in the music scene where jam nights were hosted weekly at the paddock club. We had a whole collection of people who would show up and jam, each bringing their own unique musical perspective. I often played as the house drummer, which meant that I brought my drumkit and allowed guests to sit in for jams. On breaks or while guests were playing, there was always a group hanging out by the back door near the stage. There was always vibrant conversation and a strong sense of community among the congregation of musicians and music fans. One summer night while I was on break, I took a picture looking across Arsenal Street towards the Brighton Apartment building. A few years later I painted this based on that photograph.

Lady Of The Rose

By Jessica Duger

The Lady Of The Rose symbolizes that no one needs to seek permission to be who they are. Live your truth and claim your power. All the answers we seek exist inside each and every one of us.

Somewhere Ovary The Rainbow

By Jessica Duger

This colorful outer space painting represents that we are all extraterrestrial beings made of star dust & limitless energy, we are one with the universe, and freedom to be our true selves is our birthright.

Nirvana Glow

By Lisa Lappi

The primary reason for doing this particular painting of Nirvana, is based of a time during my teens. At first, Nirvana was seen as odd, weird, and some what outcasts— I too was seen as odd an weird, but grew up as an outcast. I found myself wrapped up in there sound. 
After a visit to Seattle, WA—I was hooked and found the creative environment that flourished on talent an explored experimental technique within all aspects of the Fine Arts. 
About four years ago, I held a theatrical live art show. It did not go well and I wanted to just give up. Then a few months later, I woke up, turned on some Nirvana and just painted. No plan of perfection—I aimed for the raw, street slapped look. It led my heart back to my truest passion, Art.
Recent changes, such as using high quality glow paint really punched it up, and can now be enjoy during the day, wave lights, black lights, or just straight darkness! Fabulous reviews via all my wonderful neighbors who watched the recent progress and finishing touches!


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